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Building construction activities in the Township are governed by the statewide building code “Uniform Construction Code” (UCC) which incorporates the International Codes and the National Electrical Code. The Building/Codes Inspectors review building plans, issue permits and conduct inspections in accordance with the code standards.

The Board of Supervisors over the years has adopted Ordinances that regulate a variety of conduct and activities in the Township. The Code Official is responsible for enforcement of those Ordinances.



Building & Codes Manager/Building Code Official (BCO) - Jason Foster (Email)

Building Inspectors:

David Altland (Email)

Jared Gasiewski (Email)

Gary Turnbaugh (Email)

Building & Codes Secretary - Amy Minnich (Email)

Downloadable Applications (Some downloads may take a few minutes to load)

A Building Permit is not required for repairs, or replacement of roof coverings, siding and windows and doors where there are no major structural changes for residential homes.

Building Code Department and other Township fees - (Download)
Contractor Verification Form - (Download)
Authorized Agent Form - (Download)
Flood Elevation Certificate - (Download)
Highway Occupancy/Road Cut Permit - (Download)

Associated diagrams Highway Occupancy/Road Cut Permit - (Download) (Please allow up to 4 weeks for processing of road cut permit applications)

Application for New Commercial Building - (Download)
Application for Commercial Alteration & Fit-Out - (Download)
Application for Commercial Addition (Download)
Application for New Residential - (Download)
Application for New Residential Manufactured Home - (Download)
Application for Residential Accessory Buildings - (Download)
Application for Residential Additions - (Download)
Application for Residential Decks (Download)

Application for Swimming Pool, Hot Tubs & Spa - (Download)

Application for Residential Alterations - (Download)
Affidavit of Exemption (Download)
Building Zoning Permit Application - Form Only - (Download)
Application for Demolition Permit - (Download)
Third Party Electrical Agency Form (Download)