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Silver Spring Township contracts with Penn Waste for the collection of trash and the recycling items listed below. By ordinance, all residential establishments are required to participate in the program.

Residents who spend winter months in warmer climates will not be billed for a maximum of three months they are away from home. The residents must request the waiver in writing from Penn Waste.


Frequency - Curbside collection is conducted once a week. Trash should be set out between the hours of 6:00 pm on the day prior to pickup and 6:00 am on the day of pickup.

Holiday Collection Information & Schedule Change Notices:
If collection falls on/after a holiday, all collections are one day later

6 major Holidays Observed:
New Year's, Memorial Day , 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas

The Harrisburg Patriot News will have holiday notices advertised.

Inclement Weather Policy:
Penn Waste broadcasts on the following stations for weather related emergencies

Operation Snowflake
WSBA 910 AM, WARM 103 FM

Storm Watch
WHP 580 AM, 97.3 RIVER FM, 94.9 BOB FM, 99.3 KISS FM, WHP TV-21 CBS, WLYH- TV-15, WGAL TV-8

Containers – An unlimited number of containers can be set out for pickup. Residents can use either durable, watertight containers with lids and handles with a capacity of not more than 40 gallons or durable and watertight plastic bags filled to not more than 40 pounds. The quarterly rate for trash pickup is $38.20.

Large Items Guidelines

Silver Spring Township residents are permitted to dispose of one (1) large item/week with curbside collection.  Please have your waste, recycling and large item available for collection at curbside by 6:00 am on your collection day.

The large item must be within the guidelines listed below:

Acceptable Items
- Appliances (Freon free)
- Carpet 48” max. length, rolled and tied
- Furniture
- Mattresses & Boxsprings
- Up to 4 Car Tires (must be off rims)
- Scrap Metal 48” max. length
- Discarded lawnmowers (must have gasoline and motor oil removed)
Non-Acceptable Items
- Paints, Stains, Chemicals, and Liquids
- Batteries
- Automobile Parts
- Household Hazardous Waste
- Tires on Rims
- Construction Material or Debris
Drywall, Brick, Block, Treated Lumber, Roofing Shingles, Ceiling Tiles, Concrete, Doors, Windows
- Any Electronic Equipment

No loose piles
All small items must be boxed
No items which are too heavy to be lifted into a truck by 2 people

Pay Per Bag Option

As an alternate to the program described above, residents can purchase 32 gallon orange trash bags at the Township office in minimum lots of 24, at a cost of $3.50 a bag. Additional individual bags can be purchased from Penn Waste at $3.50 a bag plus shipping. Under this option, bulk items must have an orange bag attached in order to be collected.


Recyclables are collected by Penn Waste at curbside on your trash day. Recycling bins are available at the Township office.

Recycling Guidelines to assist you in identifying acceptable materials:

All colors food and beverage bottles and jars only. Rinse the containers clean. Remove caps or lids, these can be thrown away. Labels do not need to be removed. Please do note break glass.
Window Glass, Pyrex, Mirrors, Drinking Glasses, Ceramics, Dishes or Light Bulbs.

Aluminum, Steel cans, Bi-metal and Aerosol Cans Only. Labels do not need to be removed.
Foil, TV trays, Pie Plates, Siding or Scrap Metal, Hangers and other metal items.

Plastic Bottles
#1 - #7 Plastic containers and bottles; clear, brown and green glass food and beverage containers. Milk, water and cider jugs. Colored laundry detergent bottles. Labels do not need to be removed. Please remove all caps.
Plastic Food tubs, Baby wipe tubs, Salad/Deli containers. No other numbered plastic is to be recycled.

All paper products can now be placed in recycling bins, without the need to be tied or put in paper bags. Newspapers, glossy inserts, telephone books, Office paper, (whole & shredded), magazines and junk mail only.
Plastic bags. Newspapers placed in plastic bags will NOT be picked up.

Yes Any size of cardboard will be accepted as long as it is flattened. Cardboard boxes, pizza and food boxes (e.g. cereal, jello), paper towels and toilet paper rolls, paperboard packaging (tissue boxes).

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